Goldschmiede Lang: Tango De La Luz

Tango de la Luz – this is the name given to the gemstone setting specially designed for the diamond. As you can see from the name, the setting was inspired by the tango “The Touch”. The stone is touched and danced around by light from all sides. The brilliance is reminiscent of the fire from which the stone originally sprang. Reflections in the setting multiply the optical properties of the diamond. The set stone thus appears larger than it actually is, and even the smallest of movements causes the stone to unfold its fascination. Goldsmith Rudi Lang, who developed the so-called “reflector setting” and applied for a patent, was keen to capture this fascination, passion and desire. He gave us an insight into his workshop and his work, accompanied us during the studio shoot and showed us the captivating world of diamonds.

Goldschmiede Lang
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