Yachtwerft Keppler

The former shipyard G & B in Kressbronn was taken over by the master boat and ship builder Moritz Keppler in 2017. The shipyard was to receive a new and modern appearance. The passion for regatta sailing and the family then also formed the cornerstones for the naming and the new appearance.

yachtwerft keppler GmbH

The name finding was quickly completed. Since the Keppler family had fulfilled a lifelong dream by taking over the shipyard, the family name could not be missing.

Lake Constance should appear in the logo. The waves with different heights, lengths and colors symbolize the constant change of the lake over time. Accordingly, typography and the color space were suitably defined.

An individual, hand-drawn illustration world was developed for the website. The focus is on the company location in Kressbronn, which is embedded in the landscape of Lake Constance with all its “landmarks” such as the Zeppelin, the Bregenz lake stage, the Lindau Lion or the Imperia in Constance. In the background, the Säntis mountain looks down on the new shipyard.

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