Website Relaunch Ruch Medien

Ruch Medien from Constance is so much more than just a digital print shop. There are a fabulous number of options and machines there that no one else has far and wide. More reality than appearance is the program here. The new website therefore works with the technique of implicit storytelling and confidently positions Ruch Medien in the style of a “Berlin backyard pearl”.

Ruch Medien, Konstanz

In Berlin, there are countless agencies, print shops and other service providers whose skills are not visible from the outside because they don’t have a glossy facade. And so is Ruch Medien, the “unplugged concert” of the scene: raw and without unnecessary effects, but uncompromisingly good at what it does. The color climate of the new website is noble monochrome with a confident color accent, as a stylistic device we used moving images and atmospheric photography. The logo in minimal form responsive. A one-pager plus that certain something. And an intro that completely reinterprets the concept of the top slider.

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