Like sex in the air

Distiller Julica Renn is also an enthusiastic pilot. With her love of experimentation, she is responsible for the composition of an extraordinary gin at the Burgunderhof family distillery on Lake Constance, which is steeped in tradition. Her declared goal: “As much passion as possible must go into the glass.” The result is the coveted “Mile High 69” gin, for which we realized the image film.

Burgunderhof digestif’s GmbH

The story is based on the legendary Mile High Club. Anyone who has ever had sex on board an airplane belongs to the club. The first member was U.S. pilot Lawrence Sperry, who founded the Mile High Club in November 1916 together with a certain Waldo Polk and using an autopilot of his own design. Inspired by this world-famous Mile High Club, MILE HIGH 69 Gin promises an experience of a similarly special nature.

Our approach was to convey the core of the brand in under 100 seconds in a way that fits perfectly with the corporate identity. The concept tells the story based on the trailer, establishes the traditional craft, the quality and the protagonist, and with a tongue-in-cheek conclusion opens up a space of association that builds on the claim “Tastes like sex in the air.”

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