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The Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule (IBH) is the largest inter-university network in Europe. Under the umbrella of the IBH, the 30 member universities form a network that both links researchers and employees in the member universities across countries and academic disciplines and contributes to relevant topics in the Lake Constance region.

Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule

The concept of the info film series, which relies entirely on motion design in its implementation, is to tell the various sub-target groups individual, self-contained sample stories about IBH’s services. In this way, not everything is told to everyone, but rather an appropriate message is conveyed to each addressee. We deliberately refrain from explicitly naming the target groups, so that the films also work for all other interested parties. In the course of time, several films are produced, which are “digestible” due to their brevity and which, in their entirety, paint a holistic picture of the complex work of IBH. Sometimes it is simply good to break down a large topic into several smaller ones. After all, a pizza is much easier to eat if you have first made bite-sized slices out of it.

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