Aston Foods

Aston Foods designs and builds vacuum cooling systems for commercial and industrial bakeries. The special feature of vacuum cooling is the significantly reduced cooling time for baked goods, which has financial, quantitative and even qualitative advantages. Since the Freshup, the corporate design speaks a clearer and more modern language. Applications such as brochures, the website, but also an image film of the in-house Baking Center are part of the scope of our collaboration, as are people, image and product photography.

Aston Foods

One highlight is the image brochure with its unusual cover picture: At first glance, it is all white. Blank. As if the printing had been forgotten. A closer look reveals the partial UV coating, which gives a hint of the logo and the “Cooling Waves”.

The brand essence of Aston Foods, the controlled vacuum, becomes the hook of the image brochure in this surprising way and is thematized in the editorial. What was initially striking because it broke through perceptual habits becomes a clever metaphor at second glance; after all, vacuum is the presence of nothing.

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