Benedikt Schnurr

Dear Bene, you love Constance and Lake Constance just as I do. One of your many wonderful qualities is gratitude for the place where you are allowed to live. This attitude connects us. You are an excellent graphic designer, a brilliant photographer and filmer, a wizard of retouching, color grading and image editing. And on top of that, you’re such a mega likeable guy, whose uncomplicated nature and kind-hearted personality make him a perfect fit for our team. Together we will get many more great projects off the ground.

Thank you for being with us.
Your Jan

Things I like about myself
My commitment and helpfulness

Things I do not like about myself
My impatience

Things I am proud of
My four nephews

People I used to admire
The Beatles, Spiderman

People I admire today
My mother, Annie Leibovitz

Movies I can watch over and over again
Fightclub, Into the Wild

Television shows I like to watch
Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Heroes

Ways I can relax
Listen to / make music

Books I can recommend
The Zamonien novels by Walter Moers

Favorite foods
Tarte flambée

Favorite drinks
Latte Macchiato, good red wines

Favourite actors
Jürgen Vogel, Emil Hirsch, Heath Ledger

Sports I like
(Beach)Volleyball, Basketball

Things that enrich my life

Places I can recommend in Konstanz
Smuggler’s Bay

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